23 de septiembre de 2011

"Cracking" hashes with findmyhash

findmyhash is a Python script which has been developed to "crack" different types of password hashes using multiple cracking online services.

The goal of this application is to increase cracking chances when you don't have the correct Rainbow Table. So you only have to use findmyhash which will search in several online databases automatically.

Right now, it supports nine different hash algorithms: MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, RMD160, MYSQL, CISCO7, LM and NTLM.

We have mainly test it with MD5, LM and NTLM hashes because they are the most common ones. The results are very good and we can say that with LM / NTLM, findmyhash can crack between 60 and 70% of the hashes if you specify both values

We have conducted these tests with 100 actual password hashes (extracted from real Active Directories) and we could crack passwords like "Dba$23.8-J", "Jua!gar8012", "$3St4P4$_0rDd3" or "7:23^Xl0|aY.6=".

We encourage you to test findmyhash and to give us your feedback.

The project URL is:

You can download the application from here: